WorkShop Salon is home to two types of stylists to bring you the best possible experience at the best value.

You can trust our stylists to do what they do best— make you look and feel fantastic.

Our Independent Professional Stylists (IPS) are uniquely talented and business-minded stylists who work independently within the salon. They’re all skilled veterans of the styling scene who bring their education, experience and friendly personalities to our floor. Our in-house stylists are enthusiastic newcomers with fresh ideas being led by salon owner and stylist Franco Federico.

WorkShop’s diverse team allows us to bring you valuable service in the price range you desire. Read on to learn more about our team. You can contact our ISPs directly, or call us to book with an in-house stylist.


"Workshop Salon Vancouver offers you the option to choose from In-House Hair Specialists or Independent Professional Hair Stylists!

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